” …e di borgate sparso nascose tra i pini e gli abeti tutto il verde Comelico”



It’s still so, Coemlico, a green valley full of villages rich of story and traditions.

Like Campolongo, just enough far from the chaos most worldly turistic centres; this makes possible a regenerative break, an authentic contact with the nature not too much tamed from the man, but just the way it is. Woods rich of plants and animals, where it is possible to find mushrooms and soft fruits returning to be gatherer of the gifts given by the Nature. Fields full of wild flowers where to lie is a pleasure. And mountains, real mountains, haughty and majestic to embrace everything. Walks and tours by bike with different complexity levels make the territory appropriate also to the sportspoeple who love a activer holiday.

In the surroundings there are other small villages such as Costalta, populated by artists who protect obstinately their story and traditions from the modernity; Comelico Superiore with wonderful paths decorated with wooden statues and its Algudnei museum in which you can understand the importance of the Carnival for this places; S. Stefano, of which Campolongo is a district, reachable on foot through a beautiful path, not demanding, which starts near the Hotel Villanova.

Then if you want a bit of noise, Campolongo is the perfect destination thanks to the proximity with the major turistic centres of high bellunese and from Val Pusteria, all easly reachable: Sappada (7km) with its austrian origins visible from the ancient houses, Auronzo (15km) with its beautiful lake and the shopping, Misurina (38km) with the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo and an incredible mountain setting, Cortina (49km) for an immerison in the glamour and for amazing excursions, San Candido (38km) and the other villages of Val Pusteria interesting for a lot of reasons such as the cycle lane which brings to Austria and which for 40km flows in a sweet slope which makes it fun and absolutely not complicated.

A chapter should be dedicated to Val Visdende (10km), place visited by Pope Giovanni Paolo II who remain enchanted defining it ” God’s temple, Hymn to the Creator”. A wonderful place which can’t be described.

In the end Comelico is an interesting territory, not yet denaturalised, in which the people is authentic and in which some glimpse brings back to a far past but still alive.